Mesh Wi-Fi will come for us all: Asus ships Lyra system

Back in January, when Asus announced its upcoming home mesh Wi-Fi system (then called “HiveSpot”), the market was already flooded. Now the HiveSpot has been renamed to Lyra, but it’s mid-2017 and there are seven aisles in every Best Buy dedicated to mesh Wi-Fi routers. What could Asus possibly add to this conversation?

Lyra is a three-pack of tri-band 802.11ac mesh routers¬†with max speeds of 2134Mbps. The routers also include something called “AiProtection” for security (with no recurring fee), and there’s an app for setting up the network, managing all the features, and banning your least-favorite family members from internet access.

Ubiquti Nano Bridge Installation

Edi Contreras up in the clouds installing a point to point wireless bridge. This customer needed a phone and Internet access on a building that was all the way on the back of their property. We connected the building and now the mechanics have both a VOIP phone and a PC connected to the Internet where they can order their parts.. if you have any issues like this please let us know we can help with that.