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From the Desk of the President of UTD Technology

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege of introducing my company to you. At UTD Technology
(Up-To-Date Technology) we apply a dynamic approach to existing and forthcoming technological innovations.

I learned my trade at the sharp end of the Electro-Technology Business during a period when keeping up with last week’s
new innovations were made more difficult with the knowledge that by the following week, something newer and better
would be on the market. It was imperative to keep abreast of the changing technology.

Prior to starting UTD Technology LLC [2010], I worked as a Project Manager with the world’s most prominent innovators
in technology integration, supplying an economy striving to meet the world’s needs; something they had done for 120 years.
Can you imagine the technological experience, which supported my skill set? My experience from single LED lighting control
systems to the complexities of visual cardiac arrest monitoring systems was exciting. My decision to establish UTD Technology
was based on my past successes in project management, understanding market changes and trends, and always providing
value added services which made for satisfied clients!

A question arose in my mind – how can I offer my innovative approach and services of Up to Date Technologies [UTD]
to all those who need my help? The answer was clear to me, go into business and build a company with a very clear vision of
its future. Creating a team of individuals that share the same vision and passion that exceed customer expectations.

Like all new ventures, the learning curve was challenging but rewarding that all the expertise, integrity, and excellence they
find in Johan Marte – is exactly what they get in doing business with UTD Technology…this company is my very heart!

These new skills required no physical tools just integrity and hard work. Soon after I made the ultimate change and
launched UTD Technology, without the comfort of a large corporate support structure, I had to learn quickly how to
adapt my business for it to survive and thrive in the marketplace. The reality of launching and growing a business takes skills,
hard work and most of all patience. UTD Technology took some of the most innovative technologies into the domestic
market, using our own infrastructure to support those efforts, and driven by positive response, UTD Technology now enters
its fifth year. The company’s foundations are built on sound knowledge and active participation. In consulting to an integrate them,
enables companies and individuals to have a more efficient use of resources. Commercial application of new technologies ensures
that our people learn how such applications can be integrated into normal life cycles, having safer and more efficient
use of technology in their homes and offices.

We are located in Pineville, North Carolina, which gives us an excellent base to travel quickly by air to customer sites, as required;
additionally, major interstates go thru Pineville making road travel easy as well.

Thank you for visiting our website! I personally will be happy to discuss with you how we can help you achieve the results you are
looking for – use the link to contact us!       Striving for excellence in our mutual success.

Johan Marte
UTD Technology

“At UTD Technology, we utilize the latest technology
to enhance your business

Johan Marte
Kimberly Cusack
Sales/Office Manager
Luis Goicochea
Account Manager